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Candidate Details

The compulsory candidate information below is required in order for us to set them up on the E-Learning portal.


Your place will be confirmed once your booking request has been processed. Submitting this form is not confirmation of booking.

If your booking is confirmed, payment must be received at the latest 30 days from receipt of the invoice date Payment information is provided on the invoice.

Overdue Payments
Any Member failing to pay outstanding monies within two months after due date will automatically be suspended therefore will be ineligible to attend meetings or gain any benefit of membership. Membership will only be reinstated once payment of an 8.75% late payment surcharge is made. Any Member suspended for non-payment of outstanding monies that fails to pay outstanding monies in full within one month of start of suspension will have their Membership terminated.

Cancellations must be received in writing via email to  info@slptraininggroup.org.uk within 14 days of purchasing the course and must contain the full booking details including delegate and organisation name and contact details. If you have already accessed the course then you will not be eligible for a refund or credit note. Your cancellation will be confirmed in writing to the fee payer along with an invoice for any outstanding fees due.

Substitute Attendees
Please note that we cannot accept substitute attendees on e-learning courses if the course information has not been accessed by the original attendee.
We store and use this data for the purposes of booking candidates onto relevant courses. The details will also be shared with the course provider on their online portal, for the purposes of them administrating the course. The IP address of the computer connection from where this form is submitted is stored along with the data. For full details please see our Privacy Policy or contact info@slptraininggroup.org.uk.
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